Alumni email for life

  • After you graduate from Chichester your email address will change from to
  • You will then need to access your emails from logging on with your email address and existing password
  • If your password does not work, please use the 'Can’t access your account' link on the Microsoft login page 
  • Your personal OneDrive account will still be available through Microsoft’s url, using your same logon credentials
  • Your OneDrive for Business account, which is accessed from within your University web based email, will be disabled 30 days after your email change
  • If you currently have an email redirect set up to forward University emails to a personal email account, you may wish to delete the redirect so you no longer receive University emails and targeted announcements (see FAQs below). 


"Once my email has changed to @chialumni... "

  • Will emails sent to my email address still arrive in my inbox?
    If you've given your email address on e.g. job application forms, then you will still receive the replies.
  • Will all my current emails and folder structure be transferred to the new account?
  • How long will I be able to use the @chialumni account for?
    For life
  • Will my current email password used for the account still work?
  • How can I change my email password once changed to @chialumni?
    Once logged into email click the settings cog, then click 'Office 365 settings', then 'Change your password'
  • What services will I still have access to?
    You will still have access:
    - Email
    - Personal OneDrive
  • What services will I lose access to?
    You will lose access to:
    - Moodle
    - Sonar
    - University password manager (FastPass)
    - OneDrive for Business (after 30 days)
    - Microsoft student advantage (Office ProPlus)
    - Library resources
  • How can I turn off my email redirect so I no longer receive University emails to my personal email account?
    You can stop the email forwarding in the same way it was set up

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