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Every year the Council for At Risk Academics (CARA) receives requests for help from persecuted academics; many are desperate and in immediate danger. As an educational institution, the University of Chichester recognises that we have a valuable role to play in supporting fellow educators.

We have a history of hosting persecuted academics and their families and in the current international climate, this has never been more critical. Working with CARA ,we have helped to rescue scholars and protect their lives and work.

How your donations helped to safeguard an Iraqi academic from terrorism

Following employment as an interpreter for the British Armed Forces during the 2003 conflict, Dr Waleed Al-Bazoon received death threats from insurgents operating in his home town of Basra. With his own life and that of his wife and four children at risk, Dr Waleed was offered the opportunity, through CARA, to leave his predicament and complete his PhD at Chichester.

The University welcomed the family in 2009 and through the Chaplain’s Welfare Fund, Dr Waleed and his family were financially supported throughout their time at Chichester.

Whilst the Chaplains’ Welfare Fund supports a number of community projects in addition to persecuted academics, the significant impact made to the lives of Dr Waleed and his family, has prompted the creation of a new fund dedicated entirely to this area of great need.

To help others like Dr Waleed and his family, please donate as much as you can to the Refugee Scholar Fund and share our story. Your donation will make a real difference to the lives of persecuted academics – we cannot do it without you!

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